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下载 波斯语配音 电影 Steel Rain 2 年 2020 - باران فولاد 2
+ 稍后观看Not Rated

Steel Rain 2 ( 2020 )

质量 : WEBRip 1080p 带副标题

6.2 的 10平均费率 448 用户

Metacritic的: -/100
用户得分: 6.7 of 10
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A summit of leaders of South Korea, North Korea and the U.S., where they intend to discuss North Korea's nuclear issue and a peace settlement for the Korean peninsula, but instead end up being abducted.

导演:    Woo-seok Yang


主演:    Angus Macfadyen, Kristen Dalton, Woo-sung Jung

下载 波斯语配音 电影 Guardian of the Palace 年 2020 - نگهبان قصر
+ 稍后观看Not Rated

Guardian of the Palace ( 2020 )

质量 : WEBRip 1080p 带副标题

4.5 的 10平均费率 40 用户

Metacritic的: -/100
用户得分: 7 of 10
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Tianya and his sister are ordered by General Feng Peichuan to embark on a treasure hunt to find the Golden Moon Gem to cure the plague in Heishui Town, but General Feng Peichuan has other motives for finding this treasure.

导演:    Wei Yuhai

国家:   China

主演:    Yiming Chen, Yiheng Du, Yusi Peng